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Exciting News 

Exciting News
New book - Pathway to Love

My sequel to Trials of Love is now  finished and is with my publisher. Watch this space for news about when it is available.

I’ve been hard at work on the sequel to my first novel Trials of Love.  l`m really excited by the way the story is progressing though when it will be finished I`m not certain. Be sure to be in close contact with my website to keep upto date.

Trials of Love Sequel

With Christmas just around the corner, remember Santa`s Challenges is available either through Amazon or by contacting me. While aimed at 5 - 12 year olds, it is a fun read that will bring a warm smile to the face of all age groups.(particularly those of you with a childish sense of humour like me.)

Please be sure to write a glowing review when you purchase my book on Amazon. The link is:-

Heading 5



How I began

My first story was ` Santa Resigns,` which I wrote for my lovely grandchildren. They seemed to like it. Either that, or even at their tender age felt, I needed encouragement. I enjoyed writing it so much, I found myself adding new chapters and ended up creating `Santa`s Challenges.