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Exciting News

Short Story Publication

My short story `Musical Genes `has been published in The Writer and Readers Magazine, March - April 2021 edition. Available from Amazon in kindle or printed format

My exciting sequel to Trials of Love is now available on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

Don`t miss this wonderful story.


9th September at 7.00pm

I’ve been hard at work on the sequel to my first novel Trials of Love.  l`m really excited by the way the story is progressing though when it will be finished I`m not certain. Be sure to be in close contact with my website to keep upto date.

Trials of Love Sequel

Publications :-

My first novel ` Trials of Love` was published on the 29th May 2017                         .

A kindle edition is available on Amazon or a paperback by contacting me.


Short Stories - Power to the People and Hiking Boots are shown in a Charity Anthology Book, `Figures in the Mist`,now out, published by ATLA Publications. I have also written the introduction to the book.

The first two chapters of Santa`s Challenges are now published in a book , "Windmills and Paper Boats" now out.

My story, `I don`t belong here` is published in the anthology, `On The Day of The Dead.`This anthology is the work of Black Pear Press a new independent publisher whose aim is to promote talented local writers. Well done to them!


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How I began

My first story was ` Santa Resigns,` which I wrote for my lovely grandchildren. They seemed to like it. Either that, or even at their tender age felt, I needed encouragement. I enjoyed writing it so much, I found myself adding new chapters and ended up creating `Santa`s Challenges.

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